Mimosa A5c Connectorized 4x4 AP, RoW
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Mimosa A5c Connectorized 4x4 AP, RoW (100-00037-01)

GPS Sync: 4900 - 6200 MHz
WiFi Interop: 5170 - 5835 MHz
Throughput: Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)
Distance: 20+ km
GPS Sync technology

Marke: Mimosa
Bestell-Nr.: 100-00037-01
EAN/UPC: 0708747439014
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With the fastest client speeds and great access point capacity, along with local and network-wide spectrum reuse, the connectorized Mimosa A5c delivers the highest possible scale for any unlicensed Fixed Wireless network. The A5c is well suited for long range pole and tower multipoint applications, Access Point Collocation (GPS Sync), and Municipal and Rural Licensed Public Safety multipoint (4.9 GHz).

Increased Capacity at Each Site
With integrated high precision GPS Sync technology, new A5c sectors can easily be added at existing Mimosa A5 and B5 sites and reuse the same channel. This saves valuable, scarce unlicensed spectrum resources when new A5c devices are installed “back-to-back” on the same tower or pole.

Ultra-High Client Capacity
TDMA techniques provide significant improvements when scaling the number of clients. By dynamically allocating timeslots and supporting Multi-User MIMO in the downstream direction and allocating upstream
timeslots upon client request, network scale, spectrum efficiency and access point utilization are optimized to the highest degree possible.

Network Scalability Perfected
Every deployed device is collaboratively synchronized across the network. This allows easy channel reuse to save valuable spectrum network wide. Connected to Mimosa Cloud, deployment of the A5c is incredibly simple with network spectrum use and performance optimized across all of your deployed devices.
Fiber Speeds
With client speeds capable of 500+ Mbps and access point capacity up to 1.5 Gbps, the A5 delivers the speeds consumers and business users demand at a fraction of the cost of delivering fiber-tothe-premises.

Add Subscribers with Ease

Install, aim, and go! We’ve eliminated manual installation and pre-provisioning complexity, so you can focus on adding subscribers quickly.

* - comes with EU and US power plugs

100-00037-01 ersetzen die, die aus der Produktion gezogen sind: Mimosa A5c Connectorized 4x4 AP, FCC/ETSI/CA 100-00037.
Frequenzbereich GPS Sync: 4900 - 6200 MHz
WiFi Interop: 5170 - 5835 MHz
Power-Methode 802.3at compliant
Max. Stromverbrauch 25 W
Temperatur getestet -40°C to 55°C
Wireless WiFi Interop Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS)
Technische Daten - Mimosa A5c Connectorized 4x4 AP, RoW
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Auf Lager - 309 St.
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Mimosa A5c Connectorized 4x4 AP, RoW (100-00037-01)
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