Mimosa A5-360 Access Point 14dBi
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Mimosa A5-360 Access Point 14dBi (MIMOSA-A5-360)

Frequency Range: 4900 – 6200 MHz
Throughput: Up to 1.0 Gbps IP (1.7 Gbps PHY)
Max Output Power: 30 dBm
GPS Sync technology
Gain: 14 dBi

Marke: Mimosa
Bestell-Nr.: MIMOSA-A5-360
EAN/UPC: 5902560368963
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The Mimosa A5 access point delivers cutting-edge multipoint technology for service providers to affordably deliver the industry’s first scalable gigabit wireless broadband network.

Fiber Speed Access
Capable of delivering the speed business users and consumers need at a fraction of the cost of delivering fiber to the premise.

Network-Wide Cloud Control
Mimosa Cloud makes deployment a breeze, interacting with devices network-wide to proactively assist the A5
to optimize network and subscriber experience for the best performance and capacity management.

Working Above the Noise
Advanced auto-gain control techniques automatically squelch out underlying interference with only 10 dB of operating margin required to deliver incredible client performance.

Compact and Fast
With up to 1.5 Gbps of total capacity, the A5 is the industry’s fastest multipoint solution in a tiny form factor, making suburban rooftop or urban installation a fast, easy, and discrete solution.

Network Scalability Perfected
Unique integrated high precision GPS Sync technology allows every deployed device to be collaboratively synchronized across the network, allowing easy channel reuse to save spectrum network-wide.

* - comes with EU and US power plugs

Frequenzbereich 4900 – 6200 MHz
Power-Methode 802.3 at compliant
Max. Stromverbrauch 25 W
Temperatur getestet -40°C to 55°C
Wireless WiFi Interop
Technische Daten - Mimosa A5-360 Access Point 14dBi
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Auf Lager - 838 St.
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Auf Lager - 20 St.
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Mimosa A5-360 Access Point 14dBi (MIMOSA-A5-360)
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